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God Rest Ye Merry is a spine-chilling ghost story set in the 1950s, where an extended and rather dysfunctional family get back together in their ancestral home for the first time in years to celebrate a typical family Christmas. As you might expect, all does not go as planned.

When and where?

Dates: Friday January 30th – Monday February 2nd, 2015

Location: North Devon

Tell us more!

  • Set in a massive sprawling mansion.
  • Produced by the crew behind the legendary Captain Dick Britton and the Voice of the Seraph.
  • Designed to chill you to the bone. Disturbing, unsettling, and hopefully downright frightening. This is not the tongue-in-cheek romp that was Dick Britton, but nor is it the gore-fest that was Slaght Maand.
  • A full-on Crooked House production. That means full special effects, props, stunts and so on, from our film-crew of a team.
  • Fully catered IC – it’s Christmas! (Caveat: at the moment it’s mostly bring-your-own-drinks – will clarify closer to the event.)
  • Proper accommodation in large bedrooms – no bunks here! All part of the ticket price.
  • No time out – IC for all from Friday evening through to Sunday evening.
  • OOC night on Sunday, to give people a chance to relax and recover before driving away Monday morning
  • Over 18s only.


Please Note: Looks like all our spaces are booked up! If you’re still interested, do drop us an email as per the instructions below and we’ll put you on the reserve list.

Cost: £250, payable in instalments or as a lump before November 14th 2014.

Yes, this is expensive, deliberately so. Aside from the location (which is pricey) and the catering (which we don’t want to skimp on), we want to have the budget to deliver you an astounding event. Simply put, if we don’t allow ourselves the budget to run the quality of event we want to run, we may as well go home now.

How to Book: There are very limited spaces and we’re being reasonably picky about who we invite because we want to very carefully tailor the event to our players. To register your interest in a space, email us giving us your name and, if its not obvious, how we might know you. We’re not at all saying ‘only our friends get in,’ but ideally we’d prefer to have some connection so that we know what to write for you or we know someone to ask about you.

When we invite you to book, we’ll ask for a £50 deposit to confirm.

Couples: We have several spaces for couples to book (and you’ll therefore play couples IC, or at least people who share a bed), since we have some double rooms to fill.

Crewing: We’ll be putting together a hand-picked team, and that’s pretty much complete already. So, thank you all those who’ve already volunteered, but we’re tight on space for this one!


Very much the same system as Dick Britton – we’ll ask you for a rough character type when we confirm your booking, then we’ll design something, check you’re happy with the overall concept, and send you a rough outline. Before the event we’ll send out full character packs with a selection of IC documents. Those who played Dick Britton will know what to expect.

Who the hell are you?

Yeah, that’d be handy for the ‘how we know you’ thing, wouldn’t it? The core team for this event are Ian Thomas, Rachel Thomas, Bill Thomas, Kiera Gould Thomas, Damian Brewis, Dan Macmillan and Rich Skyrme.

The House

We’re deliberately not releasing much in the way of site details yet. Some of you may know, or guess, the site – please don’t share it. Here are a few pictures just to show you the sort of accommodation you’ll be getting – please don’t use Google Images or anything to search. You’ll only be spoiling it for yourself if you look at the site’s website. Damn you, internet!