All for One
Coming in May 2019
God Rest Ye Merry
“Crooked House redefined what I thought was possible in LRP.”
Captain Dick Britton and the Voice of the Seraph
“...this weekend epitomised what I think the concept of LARP was first dreamed up as - pure and unhindered escapism - and I think it did it better than any other weekend game I've ever attended.”
Slaght Maand
“I saw something that I literally could not believe; something that'll haunt me for the rest of my life.”

Welcome to Crooked House. We run ridiculously high-concept effects-heavy live-action events, mixing up LARP, theatre, film and computer games.

Our latest event was God Rest Ye Merry, a ghost story set at Christmas 1954. We have an extensive behind-the-scenes site – take a look here.

In May 2019, we’re running All for One, a Three Musketeers event, in collaboration with LarpX.