Our 1954 Christmas ghost story God Rest Ye Merry ran over the last weekend of January 2015 in the fantastic Northmoor House in Somerset.

It featured, amongst other things:

  • A range of ghost effects, experiences and stunts, including sound effects systems throughout the house, vibration speakers, flames, puppets, projections, smells, a jump from a 1st floor window, a hanging, a body bricked up in a wall, a gravestone which a face came through, UV effects and an Oculus Rift sequence.
  • Complete character packs consisting purely of IC documents and artefacts (average pack had 23 custom-created props), leaving space for the players to create their own characters.
  • Props, documents, paintings and books scattered all through the house.
  • Full IC catering – Christmas food!
  • No time out – IC from Friday evening through to Sunday evening.
  • Proper accommodation in large bedrooms.
  • A working 1950s phone system.
  • A ‘working’ photography/darkroom system characters could use to develop and take photos (where we added ghosts to photos in the development process).
  • Working 1950s radios with a full range of IC programmes and news reports over the 3 days – could be turned on at any time.
  • And much, much more…

Review Quotes

  • “GRYM has really raised the bar for an event, it is so far beyond anything I’ve experienced before I have nothing to compare it to.” - James Osborn
  • “It will be talked about and praised for many years to come, as the best, as a pioneer and as something you missed out on if you weren’t there.” - James Osborn
  • “I have never been to a LARP before that created such emotion within me.” – Alexis Celnik
  • “Crooked House redefined what I thought was possible in LRP.” - John Shockley
  • “There are games that constitute the stories that we tell one another… Those moments when something so extraordinary happens that it lives on for years after and becomes something more…” - John Shockley
  • “I’ve never enjoyed being petrified so much, and that was before I saw the ghosts.” - Mike Jones
  • “…extraordinary, immersive, visceral.” - Roz Horton
  • “I’m having trouble articulating just how exceptional and enjoyable this event was…” - Jules Fattorini
  • “I can honestly say in more than 20 years of LARP I have never been in-character for that length of time.” - Gary Longford
  • “Just got back from an absolutely amazing weekend of ghosts, curses, sermons, Christmas dinner, secrets, incest, secret daughters, terror, burning witch, ladies jumping out of windows, psalms and redcoats… everyone involved in any way is an absolute star of the highest order.” - Neil Webber
  • “…the best roleplay event I’ve ever been to!” - Adam Gould
  • “…I just think that God Rest Ye merry is going to turn out to be the game that other games aspire to be when they grow up.” - Laura Mitchell
  • “So much more immersive, so much more believable, so much more interactive than any of the other games I’ve ever played in.” - Rachael Eyre
  • “The best ghost story I’ve ever been in… It’s the most immersive LRP I’ve been in.” - Simon English


We didn’t take photographs during the event, as that would have ruined the atmosphere, so photos here were either taken IC by the players or were taken as behind-the-scenes photos.