(by Ian) I wrote an article on the design process for our over-the-top Three Musketeers larp event, All for One. You can read it over on Medium.
(By Ian) I wrote an article on constructing stories out of memorable moments – giving players/viewers/readers war stories to talk about down the pub. A lot of this was very much developed as a result of our LARP story creation. http://wingedmonkeys.co.uk/war-stories/
(by Ian) I gave a talk at AdventureX in London in December on lessons I’ve learned about writing interactive games from running LARP – GRYM was a major focus of it.
(by Ian) I wrote a rant about this on Facebook this morning. I thought I’d reproduce it here, because (as you might gather) it’s something I feel strongly about. 🙂 Brief triple-rant spurred by John Haynes on the Cthulhu mythos and LRP. May apply to other uses: i) “How do you phys rep a mythos... Read more »
(by Rachel) This post is somewhat more difficult to write than some of the others, as the finances were the area of the event that were least successful. How did this happen? Well, when we decided to run this event, we knew it was going to cost a lot to run. Traditionally, LARP weekend events have... Read more »