(by Ian) I gave a talk at AdventureX in London in December on lessons I’ve learned about writing interactive games from running LARP – GRYM was a major focus of it.
5th May 2014 – Ian Released the teaser last week, and bare details, with a link to sign-up on the mailing list. Seems to have been well received – 71 people liking the new FB page, 25 people on the ‘more info’ mailing list. Isn’t the real push yet – that’ll wait for pricing details... Read more »
God Rest Ye Merry A Crooked House Production Written & Directed by Ian & Rachel Thomas Starring Godfrey/Nicholas & Edgar Northmoor – Nick Bradbeer Arthur Stokes (Butler) – Jason Marchant Clayton Northmoor – Robin Gould Billy Burridge – Si Childs With Elsie Bloom – Caroline Emmins Annette Northmoor – Flossie Smalls Sophie Northmoor – ?? Voices Walter... Read more »
Player Feedback “GRYM has really raised the bar for an event, it is so far beyond anything I’ve experienced before I have nothing to compare it to.” “…tightly plotted and extremely well crafted.” “God Rest Ye Merry was a haunted house ghost story of the highest calibre.” “Needless to say we didn’t go and check,... Read more »
Most LARPs rely on a reasonable number of rules – combat system, skill system and so on. Smaller LARPs tend to have more rules than large-scale fest LARPs. We intentionally kept our rules system very light, to deepen the immersion. We didn’t have a skills system – instead we simply told the players that if... Read more »
As with all these things, we had problems. The event, from the player’s reactions, was a roaring success, but we had a bunch of issues behind the scenes which mean that we came out of it knowing that we could have done better. Some we fixed on the fly… some were unfixable. Technical Issues This... Read more »
I have an Oculus Rift DK2, and we knew we wanted to use it for the game, but hadn’t quite figured out what to use it for. As we got closer to the event date, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to use it on players who got too close to our ghosts,... Read more »
“The sheer quantity of props in terms of letters, photos, pictures, sounds, smells, puppets, stunts; all of that made the scenario – the whole event – incredibly real.” Simon English When the players got to the house we made sure that the house was full of stories for them to discover – stories of the history... Read more »
“The visual design of the event was coherent, incredibly detailed and I can only describe it as a triumph. A number of times over the weekend I found I was questioning exactly what it was I was seeing.” John Shockley Video We had about 4 hours of video all in all, from footage that we... Read more »
For this post, we’ll pass the buck to our head chef Harry Harrold (playing Hector Duvall) – here’s the post he wrote about his experiences catering the event.