I have an Oculus Rift DK2, and we knew we wanted to use it for the game, but hadn’t quite figured out what to use it for. As we got closer to the event date, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to use it on players who got too close to our ghosts,... Read more »
“The visual design of the event was coherent, incredibly detailed and I can only describe it as a triumph. A number of times over the weekend I found I was questioning exactly what it was I was seeing.” John Shockley Video We had about 4 hours of video all in all, from footage that we... Read more »
We used a great deal more audio than we ever have before (in fact, more audio than I’ve seen used at a LARP event before). Overall, including the radio programmes, we had 36 hours of audio. We had a number of different setups that we used in various places throughout the weekend. All the ghosts... Read more »
“The effects were almost literally out of this world.” John Shockley We had a number of set pieces that the Art Department pre-prepared; some were designed to be discovered at specific times or when specific trigger events happened – others were waiting to be discovered. Some of these were part of the ghost effects; here... Read more »
(by Rachel) We were clear from quite early on that we wanted to involve photography in the event. It’s been used in investigations of hauntings since people started taking photographs, so it seemed fitting and I like photography. We also had a fun prop for a 1950s camera, which I use in another game system –... Read more »
An old friend – Steve Anderson (@irregularshed) – built a 1950s telephone system for us. I don’t pretend to understand what he did, other than recondition an old 1950s phone (all the way down to putting the correct telephone number on the dial centre). So… a 1950s phone at one end and a long wire... Read more »
We wanted to let the players listen to the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day, and so decided to built several radio sets so they could listen to 1950s programmes. To do this I bought 3 old radios from Ebay and gutted them, putting an MP3 player and speaker inside each. I wired the speaker cable... Read more »
Edmund was part of the underlying ghost story. We used a combination of a leaf blower, a large amplifier, a bright worklight and some bricks and plasterboard to create effects for him. Manifestation Edmund Northmoor had been walled up, still alive, by his brother. When the players finally discovered this and found the portion of... Read more »
The Green Lady, Catherine Northmoor, was part of the underlying ghost story of the game. We used audio, smell, stick figures and a weird projection gag to create her. Manifestations The Green Lady mostly manifested as a smell of flowers and chiming bells. She was the only conscious ghost, the only one who could (sometimes)... Read more »
“Needless to say we didn’t go and check, nor return to the room, nor sleep a single minute more of the night.” James Osborn For Richard & Jennifer Claverhouse and their baby daughter Gwendolyn we used audio and a ridiculous stunt. Story The newly-wed Richard & Jennifer and their young daughter moved in with their... Read more »