All for One
"In my nearly 30 years of LARP, All For One has just been the best game I have EVER been to, and I’ve done some pretty awesome stuff. "
God Rest Ye Merry
“Crooked House redefined what I thought was possible in LRP.”
Captain Dick Britton and the Voice of the Seraph
“...this weekend epitomised what I think the concept of LARP was first dreamed up as - pure and unhindered escapism - and I think it did it better than any other weekend game I've ever attended.”
Slaght Maand
“I saw something that I literally could not believe; something that'll haunt me for the rest of my life.”

Welcome to Crooked House. We run ridiculously high-concept effects-heavy live-action events, mixing up larp, theatre, film and computer games.

You might be here to take a look at All for One, a Three Musketeers event we ran in 2019, collaborating with LarpX. Or you could download the one-page tabletop RPG we wrote to go along with it.

Or God Rest Ye Merry, a ghost story set at Christmas 1954. We have an extensive behind-the-scenes site.

Unfortunately, there’s very little documentation on our older events, such as Captain Dick Britton and the Voice of the Seraph, Slaght Maand, or other associated events such as The Dragon’s Eye, Alea Iacta Est, or Artifex Rex.

We have an extensive list of blog articles and related bits and pieces over here. If you’d like to know more, get in touch.