“It was more like being within a movie than being within a game.”

Rachael Eyre

As described in Set Pieces, the finale of the game was a scene of reconciliation between Nicholas the owner of the house and two of the ghosts. The moment that scene ended we did a hard cut to the credits.

(The music we used was the excellent Scott Bradlee and Post Modern Jukebox version of God Rest Ye Merry.)

The hard cut was very deliberate. We had spent a lot of time getting the players into character and raising the mood and immersion using small psychological tricks; there are, equally, psychological tricks to use to get players out of that mindset again. We didn’t use them. Deliberately, we cut very hard. This was firstly to reinforce the feeling that it was a film, but also to leave everyone with the feeling of closing the pages on a book, of wanting more.

From the feedback we got from the players, that seems to have worked.

You can find a full list of credits here.