This was a ghost story, so we needed some ghosts!

There was an underlying haunting that drove everything else. That caused other ghosts from various time periods to haunt the house…

  • The Silent Movie Ghost – a silent black and white ethereal girl that flickered into view in dark corridors.
  • The Soldier – a floating gas-masked figure amongst the sounds and smells of war
  • The Burned Man – a spirit of fire and smoke who clawed his way out of the dark trying to catch the players.
  • The Children – two children murdered by their tutor; the players could hear their voices singing, playing, screaming and sobbing, haunting the upper reaches of the house.
  • The Wraith – a frozen, shivering apparition of a man who’d died in the cold.
  • The Young Couple – a couple fallen on hard times; the wife had snapped, shot the husband, and then hurled herself and her child out of an upper-storey window; this scene was replayed for the players.
  • The Green Lady – a poltergeist spirit of leaves, flowers and bells.
  • The Man In The Wall – Edmund Northmoor, part of the main story, who had been bricked up alive behind one of the walls