“It’s very hard to ignore the smell of the trenches when you’re standing at the top of the stairs or in a corridor, it’s just incredibly jarring.”

Simon English

DaleAirThis was the first event at which we used smells, and it seemed to be very effective.

We used Christmas candles to set the scene on the Friday night, to put the players in the Christmas mood.

Then we had several smells which we used for various scenes:

  • For the Soldier ghost we used ‘Wartime Underground’, a smell of decaying earth and putrefying bodies.
  • For the Burned Man we used ‘Burned Witch’, a smell of human flesh roasted in a fire.
  • For Godfrey’s bedroom we used ‘Old Dentist’s Room’, a mix of medical-chemical smells.
  • For the Green Lady we used a floral scent.

The three peculiar smells on that list came from a company called Dale Air in aerosol cans. Their catalogue is amazing – we highly recommend browsing through it.